Hi there. The cherry blossom season is coming in Japan. Have you seen cherry blossom? I’ve seen that when I was elementary that was so awesome view! Well, I’ll let you know what you should do before you start to action for going to Japan. I’ve a lot of foreign friends who works in Japan. They’re from Hawaii, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia..etc I got some question Why they could work here? Because they’ve no professional license. I asked them how did you find a job and what is the most important for working here and finding a job. All of my […]


Hi there. It’s a summer season in the Philippines! Do you like a winter season? You know we have 4 seasons in Japan, so we need a jacket for everyday as of now.   I miss your country and ocean.   Well, I’ll let you know about you should know when you get a salary in Japan. I picked up about Japanese salary before. Today , Let you know “important points” when you get the salary. Actually, Even foreigners may have salary same as Japanese which means you can get a same amount with Japanese workers, but when you work […]

I miss my country.

Hi there. So cold in Japan now. I miss summer.. However I go back to Cebu once in a month. Well, I will let you know about how to go back to your country in case of emergency after you got VISA. If your family get any trouble ,you must go back to your country, but what should you do in this case? You must have “Re-entry permit” How to get it? You need to go to immigration in near your place. Bring about (Passport, Re-entry application form, Residence card.) There are 2 kinds of permits ,so You may choose […]

Time to move.

Hi there. Have you been any abroad? I’ve been 2 countries which are Hawaii and Philippines. I felt a lot when I went to abroad first time. There were different cultures ,good views and nice experiences. I may advice you that if you want to do something or have dream , you should try it ,because you only live once. Well, Did you find an Agency already? If you found already , you got an advice from them for getting VISA. I know that takes a long time for getting all of requirements, so if you want to work in […]


Hi there. Anyway, Are you married? I’m married last year and got baby last month.haha Please say to me congratulations!haha   Well, Today , I’ll let you know about agency in the Philippines. When you want to start to prepare for going to Japan, you need to go to “Agency” first. Actually, you can’t get a working VISA by yourself. You must find an Agency for applying VISA. So , This is 2nd step for work in Japan. 1st step was get a Passport.   The Agency will apply to VISA instead of you, so let’s find the agency first. […]

Japanese Salary

Hi there. Anyway, If you won the lottery, what do you want to do? I want to do a lot and have a lot of things.haha I think i use for next business, because It’ll make a money more.haha Well, today I’ll let know Japanese salary. How much is your minimum wage in the Philippines? Actually Japanese minimum wage are not same with every states. The minimum is 360pesos “per hour” We usually work for 8 hours every day, so we may get “3,000 pesos for a day”. I know it’s big difference with your salary. That’s why the people […]

Japanese language exam

Hi there. I envy of you in the Philippines, because you know Japan has 4 seasons, so It’s winter season now in Japan where is degrees below zero always. Can you imagine how cold it is?haha   If you go to Japan in this season , you should prepare jackets for cold. By the way, I have two friends who used work in Japan. I asked them how did they apply for that. 1st case of my friend. Actually she studied Japanese language when she was college student, then She passed “N2” Japanese language exam. Do you know there are […]

Happy new year! License

A happy new year guys. How did you spend your holidays? I was so busy on these days, but I wanna be more busy! Because I extremely love my work that was my dream.   Anyway, do you have any international license? Why I ask you this question, because if you have a professional license like a nurse, teacher, carpenter, you can work abroad easily. But even if you have these license, you can’t go to Japan. Actually most of Japanese can’t speak English. So what I want to say. “You must speak Japanese” This is one of the requirement […]

Go to Japan by a “Student”

Hi there. How was your Christmas and how to spend your new year? I was together with my guests and staffs in Cebu on Christmas day.haha Anyway ,Last topic was “How to get a Passport” Did you get it? Well, Let’s move on next topic. The topic is “Go to Japan by a Student” Actually you’ve choices to work in Japan,so I’ll let you know 1st way. 1st way is You may go to Japan by a “Student” This way is easiest way for going to Japan,but you must have “money” for going to the school and it has a […]

Go to abroad

What’s up? I’m KEN. The typhoon is coming to the Philippines! Watch out when you go out. By the way, I’ll let you know what should you do first for work in Japan. Hey! Do you guys have a dream? Go to abroad , Have a family , Buy a car etc.. How about work in Japan or go to Japan? I think that is also one of the your dream. Buuuut it is not easy.. You know Japan is advanced country already,but that is not perfect. We still have a lot of problems also. That’s why ,I’ll let you […]


>Welcom My Website

Welcom My Website

When I stay in the Philippines, a lot of people asked me “I want to work in Japan”

So I’d like to advise you if you want to work in Japan.

What is the reason why I want to start this blog,because I really appreciate to Philippines.

They helped me a lot, so I was able to have business here in the Philippines.

That is why I want to support you for work in Japan.