Go to abroad

What’s up?
I’m KEN.
The typhoon is coming to the Philippines!
Watch out when you go out.

By the way,
I’ll let you know what should you do first for work in Japan.

Do you guys have a dream?
Go to abroad , Have a family , Buy a car etc..
How about work in Japan or go to Japan?
I think that is also one of the your dream.
Buuuut it is not easy..
You know Japan is advanced country already,but that is not perfect.
We still have a lot of problems also.
That’s why ,I’ll let you know by this website what you should know before you go to Japan.


When you want to go to abroad, you must have something.
Do you know what it is?
You need to apply a “passport
This is the most important and difficult for you.
You know the reason why,
Because of the government is not working firmly,so before you try to move for work in Japan,you must apply the passport first which takes for more than 4 months for getting the passport that I heard from my friend who used work in Japan.


You may know how to get the passport from these website.

How to Get a Philippine Passport

Did you check it?

You need to prepare a lot of things for getting the passport,
but don’t worry if you never give up ,the dreams come true.
I hope you will be able to get it.

That will do for today.
Take it easy.

Check it out!

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>Welcom My Website

Welcom My Website

When I stay in the Philippines, a lot of people asked me “I want to work in Japan”

So I’d like to advise you if you want to work in Japan.

What is the reason why I want to start this blog,because I really appreciate to Philippines.

They helped me a lot, so I was able to have business here in the Philippines.

That is why I want to support you for work in Japan.