Japanese language exam

Hi there.

I envy of you in the Philippines, because you know Japan has 4 seasons, so It’s winter season now in Japan where is degrees below zero always.

Can you imagine how cold it is?haha


If you go to Japan in this season , you should prepare jackets for cold.

By the way,

I have two friends who used work in Japan.

I asked them how did they apply for that.

1st case of my friend.

Actually she studied Japanese language when she was college student, then She passed “N2” Japanese language exam.

Do you know there are 5 grades of Japanese language licenses which is from N5 to N1.

N1 is the most difficult exam and license of Japanese language license.

You may check this website which is you may know your Japanese language skills.


Actually even Japanese can’t passed N1 Japanese language exam.

It’s mean so difficult even for us.

So if you have “N2” license , you may go to Japan and find Japanese sponsor easily.

This way is easiest way for work in Japan and find companies.

If you really want to work in Japan, you should try to get a “N2” first.

This is my friend’s advice.

Well ,

I’ll let you know how she applied and find company.

Take it easy.


Check it out!

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Welcom My Website

When I stay in the Philippines, a lot of people asked me “I want to work in Japan”

So I’d like to advise you if you want to work in Japan.

What is the reason why I want to start this blog,because I really appreciate to Philippines.

They helped me a lot, so I was able to have business here in the Philippines.

That is why I want to support you for work in Japan.