Time to move.

Hi there.

Have you been any abroad?

I’ve been 2 countries which are Hawaii and Philippines.

I felt a lot when I went to abroad first time.

There were different cultures ,good views and nice experiences.

I may advice you that if you want to do something or have dream , you should try it ,because you only live once.


Did you find an Agency already?

If you found already , you got an advice from them for getting VISA.

I know that takes a long time for getting all of requirements, so if you want to work in Japan, you must move as soon as possible.


By the way , you need to find a company that you want to work after you found the agency.

What kind of job you want to work?

I heard from my friend that most of foreign workers work in a factory.

Actually, We have not enough workers by ourselves in Japan which means we need more foreign workers.

Factory, Carpenter, Convenience store, Resultant etc..


You have a lot of choices ,but there are many requirements as well , so you may ask to agency which you have to prepare.

Japanese government is planning to change a low for accepting foreign workers, so this is the time to move for going Japan if you really want to work in Japan.


That will do for today.

Take it easy.


Check it out!

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>Welcom My Website

Welcom My Website

When I stay in the Philippines, a lot of people asked me “I want to work in Japan”

So I’d like to advise you if you want to work in Japan.

What is the reason why I want to start this blog,because I really appreciate to Philippines.

They helped me a lot, so I was able to have business here in the Philippines.

That is why I want to support you for work in Japan.