Happy new year! License

A happy new year guys. How did you spend your holidays? I was so busy on these days, but I wanna be more busy! Because I extremely love my work that was my dream.   Anyway, do you have any international license? Why I ask you this question, because if you have a professional license like a nurse, teacher, carpenter, you can work abroad easily. But even if you have these license, you can’t go to Japan. Actually most of Japanese can’t speak English. So what I want to say. “You must speak Japanese” This is one of the requirement […]

Go to Japan by a “Student”

Hi there. How was your Christmas and how to spend your new year? I was together with my guests and staffs in Cebu on Christmas day.haha Anyway ,Last topic was “How to get a Passport” Did you get it? Well, Let’s move on next topic. The topic is “Go to Japan by a Student” Actually you’ve choices to work in Japan,so I’ll let you know 1st way. 1st way is You may go to Japan by a “Student” This way is easiest way for going to Japan,but you must have “money” for going to the school and it has a […]

>Welcom My Website

Welcom My Website

When I stay in the Philippines, a lot of people asked me “I want to work in Japan”

So I’d like to advise you if you want to work in Japan.

What is the reason why I want to start this blog,because I really appreciate to Philippines.

They helped me a lot, so I was able to have business here in the Philippines.

That is why I want to support you for work in Japan.